Meet My Roommate!

Mambo everyone!

After a (very) long journey we have finally arrived in Mwanza! We arrived Wednesday evening and met Maimuna (the program director at Mikono Yetu) as well as Jane (our driver) who took us to Rock Beach Garden where we’ll be staying for the next 3 months. We had our first non-airplane meal this week as well as the best sleep of our lives that night!

I also met my roommate that night. There happens to be a lizard (I’ve named him Larry) who lives in my shower. He comes in and out quietly and I think I’m used to his presence now – but it was definitely a shock at first. It should be a fun few months together! (Shout out to Kathy for letting me use her shower in the meantime)

After sleeping in the next morning, we woke up to the most picturesque view of Lake Victoria with the sun reflecting off the surface. We had an early lunch and went into the city with Mikono Yetu Staff – Kato and Mlola who helped us to exchange money as well as set up our SIM cards and internet sticks (which I’m still working on! – There’s only a few steps on the instructions which seems simple but for some reason doesn’t seem to want to work for me!). A nice dinner at Hotel Tilapia by the sunset was the perfect end to the day.

Today (Friday) we’re hoping to go visit Maimuna and the staff at Mikono Yetu to get oriented so that we’re all ready to start next week. It’s been a great few days so far, full of new experiences and meeting great people. Can’t wait to see what next week has in store!

Until next time – Kwa Heri,


Tilapia Sunset 1
Enjoying the sunset with dinner at Hotel Tilapia 
Tilapia Sunset 2
Another sunset at Hotel Tilapia
Lake Victoria View
Morning views at Rock Beach Garden!

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