Wrapping up

Mambo everyone!

This is my last weekend here in Mwanza and I’m spending it visiting some family and wrapping up a few of our projects here. The last couple of weeks have been quite hectic as Diane and I have been wrapping up our data collection at all of the yogurt kitchens. Our project has taken us all around Mwanza and has been great way for us to see different parts of the city as well as meet some amazing and hardworking people! While we didn’t get to finish the data collection for all of the kitchens (there are about 50!) we have been able to analyze the current data for trends and common challenges and have hopefully set a good foundation to be continued by future interns!

Just last week, Kathy and Megha completed their nutritional intervention at Foundation Karibu Tanzania (FKT) with the Fiti uji and juice. The kids seemed to enjoy it and we have been working to spread the implementation of Fiti in different organizations. A couple of weeks ago Diane and I visited Village of Hope Mwanza, a Canadian run organization that provides housing, education and health care to vulnerable children throughout Africa. The children who stay there live in houses that are comprised of children of different ages that act as role models for the younger children in the house as well as a “Mama” that helps care for them, mirroring a family setting. The core values that this organization displays help to provide hope to children and allow them to be contributing members of society. Village of Hope seems to be a perfect fit to expand the Fiti uji program to and we hope that it is able to continue!

Also a few weeks ago we also said goodbye to our good friends Lily and Brian, one of the first people we met in Mwanza. Back in May, Kathy, Megha and I would go to Lily’s house to test Fiti juice, ugali and uji proceures in her kitchen. Lily was lovely and cooked us a wonderful dinner and gifted us with khangas and kitenge aprons. It was such a beautiful gesture and I will always remember their kindness and hospitality towards us during our time in Mwanza.

I just got back from visiting some family and spending some time going through old photos. It was amazing to see photos of my dad in some of the places that I see and walk past everyday. This trip has been a great experience to see where my dad grew up and the places he has told us about from his childhood as well as make memories of my own. I’m looking forward to coming home and sharing more of my experiences with everyone

Until next time,

Kwa Heri,


Fabric shopping in the market – these colourful prints are called kitenge

Village of Hope Mwanza

Amazing rice, beans and fish from a place near SAUT (St. Augustine University of Tanzania) and only TZS 2000 (about CAD $1.20)!!!!!!!

Diane, Kathy, Megha and I with our friends Brian and Lily

Another Mwanza sunset!

My family used to own the Blue Cafe in Mwanza – we found this picture of what the cafe used to look like back in the day and below is what the space looks like now!


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